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Terri L. Chiodo - Founder, Chief Revenue Strategist


iAspire Advertising & Media Strategies was founded by Terri L. Chiodo in January, 2007. Terri’s career includes over 16 years at the highly respected national financial publication Investor’s Business Daily and it’s sister website, Investors.com. Terri’s career at the Los Angeles-based company culminated in 2003 when she was named Vice President & Director of National Advertising.

Terri began her career in 1986 under the tutelage of stock market legend and IBD Chairman/Founder William J. O’Neil. She worked as an Advertising Account Executive at the newspaper for two years before leaving to join Unique Business Systems in Santa Monica, California. At UBS, Terri successfully increased sales revenue in the software systems industry.

In 1989, Mr. O’Neil, armed with an offer Terri could not refuse, asked her to rejoin the paper as a Senior Account Executive - splitting time between the headquarters in Los Angeles and New York. Within two years Terri had increased ad sales revenue significantly on both coasts.

Impressed by her dedication and commitment to the company, Mr. O’Neil made Terri a shareholder in his companies – an honor bestowed on very few employees before or since.

Terri was named Vice President & Western Region Manager in 1995 and was a driving force behind broadening the editorial scope of the paper. Terri recognized the need to expand upon the content featured in the paper and in doing so opened a huge window of revenue opportunity for the business.

Terri’s performance and enthusiasm convinced Mr. O’Neil to open a Silicon Valley editorial bureau - and IBD’s daily coverage of one of the hottest industries, technology, was subsequently born. Terri and her team capitalized fully on this newfound market and successfully attained lucrative ad campaigns from Dell, Compaq, Oracle and HP, and other ground-breaking companies.

“My success is based on a few key principals”, states Terri. “Always visualize what you want and you will get it. Never stop believing in what you do and always service your clients and never promise anything you can’t deliver”.

While leading a taltented advertising team in 2003-2006, Terri successfully maintained ad revenue and grew non-endemic advertising substantially during the worst newspaper circulation decline in history. “Every newspaper in the country was losing subscribers because readers were turning to the web for their news and stock information. I had a proven track record at IBD; however, this was my greatest success,hands down!

Terri’s performance made her such an integral part of the business that she was featured in the best-selling book: The Making of Millionaires, The IBD Story – the fascinating true story of how Mr. O’Neil beat the odds and changed the way America plays the stock market.


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